Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wow+27C today:)

27C is nice and warm...I think we'll have a thunder storm tonight...I like them too...when it gets warm enough to have warm  showers that is the best...

We had a great time yesterday fishing and picnicing....I caught a trout:)  All told we caught 5 trout...they are all small ones, but no size restrictions so Coke Zero is cleaning them and filleting them in the next little then we'll be eating 'em.  I really enjoyed yesterday.

So this year is Coke Zero and I's 10th year anniversary and I want something special....We have learned a lot of crappy stuff about each other and still love and live with each other so really... we should both get something special....

I start my new job tomorrow...that is a little nerve racking as I haven't been a team leader per se, but really I think I should be fine.  The job is the same basically, and I have worked at McDonald's for a year and a half so I know the job, it's just a new setting and new people.  I will have less responsibility as I don't have to do supervisor really a piece of cake... :)

I have to go and sign my kids up for some summer activities so working during the summer will be an option.  I should do that asap before all the program is filled up.  (I write this listening to NOW radio...bopping my head along...not singing along only because Coke Zero is reading and it would interrupt his reading...such a great station)

Well thanks for reading my blog...I hope your day is wonderful:)


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  1. Hope the new job is wonderful, here's wishing you good luck!