Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Working on Legal Stuff

I was helping out my Dad today.  Basically going to keep a builders' lien on a land title so he can get paid for work he did on a property.   We have to go in the morning to see if he can get the Order of Ex-Juris for the defendants to serve them notice. 

On the food front I have eaten only within my points today so victory in that!  I can have veggies if i get hungry, but not more things with points.

I bought like 4lbs of bacon for .99 a pound and I cooked it up so I can easily reheat it and serve it.  I just have to use wax paper to line the slices and freeze 'em.  That's how the bacon at McDonald's is done.  I'm going to see if there will be any tomorrow so I will get a couple more, one for my MIL and another to cook up to freeze. 

I have to get my kids to bed, so Have a great night:)



  1. Civil process for business owners is always time consuming. I hope that works out for you all.