Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday, Friday...

So the mortgage payment comes out today.  We have it arranged to be paid every two weeks, it pays the mortgage faster.  Only when we re-did the mortgage renewal we had them change the time back to 25 years for lower payments.  We can do prepayments every once in a while to pay down the principal faster.  Not that we have yet...hmmph....I am annoyed with Coke Zero.  He's given me half the mortgage payment and he's got a whole wack of money.  I may be feeling jealous.  I got paid this Monday but it was my last one and I won't get getting paid again until my first cheque in probably two or three weeks.  He gets paid weekly and he makes way more than me.


So Coke Zero and I are not separating things as of now, we are going to track everything we spend money on and how much money we have in our wallets and get receipts whatever we can to keep track of our money.  We will then have an idea of where we are at and then can make a budget we can follow.  Coke Zero has changed his mind and I feel better about this step we are taking.  

I don't feel like I lost any weight this week, if anything I gained again...I don't know for just feels like it.

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  1. Good thing hubby never asked me to pay half. He would have found it very hard to work AND raise (4) kids.