Saturday, May 15, 2010

Going fishing....

We are going to go fishing again later.  We are having a picnic too. 

I had my weigh in today, I was so sure I gained, I was not expecting any loss.  So I had .4lbs of a pretty happy about that.  I should try harder this week to get some exercise in so I can get some weight loss happening.  I will be happy to get past the 190lb's been a long while since I have been in the 180's.  I would like to get to my goal of 148 sooner than later...but it's the journey that matters the needs to be at a healthy pace. 

So Crush made me a bowl for Mother's day, it's so precious, the words Happ oters Day is on the lip of bowl...the M and y fell I asked her to make them and we'll glue them on after they are fired.(pottery)  Honestly I find this is one of the more heart warming presents I have gotten as a mom...I want to post a picture but my camera charge cord is misplaced right now and I don't know how to get phone pictures on the net.  Coke Zero might know-should ask him.

I want to ask a work buddy if she wants to join me in my weight loss journey-she mentioned wanting to lose some weight-she bought herself a Wii to exercise with, I don't know yet though.  I would love it if Coke Zero would, it's just easier to do with a buddy...I am not finding the group at the WW meeting I go to as very outgoing...they seem cliquey...We had a different leader today and I liked her..she made me laugh.  Anyways, I just have to continue and live...I have a total weight loss since joining WW of 14 lbs, but if I include the last year-I was about 230...I guess it adds up to 40lbs....ya me:)  That's pretty cool!  I've been working this last 1.5 years so that has helped.  I should ride my bike everywhere this week, that will get some exercise in.  I used to ride everywhere before I was married.  I am sleepy, maybe I'll have a cat nap...