Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am employed:)

I am starting next Monday...there's a few things that need to get done this week so that works out great.  I will need to come in for uniforms as the ones I have are supervisor uniforms.  I took a $2 drop in my wage, but I was going to be getting a drop anyways most likely going somewhere else, so it's still great.

So in my weight loss journey, it's going backwards right now.  I want to get down on myself, but that really doesn't accomplish much so I need to pump myself up and just go out and follow the plan...get out and ride my bike, go to the gym...go and do stuff and eat right:)  I can avoid junk food, I can plan out our meals, I can eat within plan, I can lose weight and get healthier.  I CAN do it:)

I have a lot of housework I need to do...that is my life though...I missed getting rid of useful stuff to the cerebral palsy society yesterday...totally forgot...I know I have lots to give away...I guess I'll freecycle it.  I told my neighbour I would request pregnancy clothes for her on there as she wanted to find some used clothes...

So who loves singing?  I love singing, and for some songs I rival the singers...and others I flop:)  Anyone check out the radio station on my blog?  They play all sorts of music...I like 'em lots and I sing to lots of those songs:)

I couldn't finish the paperwork for my dad yesterday so he's coming in form out of town to come and answer the questions at the info centre we'll be going to.  He built a road on an acreage and stuff and the guy who owns the place won't pay him.  He's got a builders lien on the land title, but it expires soon and so to keep on there he is submitting some stuff to the court to keep the lien on there so the guy can't avoid paying my dad...when he sells the land my dad will get his money...and the gossip pipeline is saying that the parcel of land with the lien (the owner) is just waiting for the lien to expire then sell the land.


  1. Congrats on the new job!! And yes you CAN do the weight loss as well!! Just keep focused!!!
    Cheers Lizzie

  2. Thanks for visting my blog. Congrats on the new job. Never give up on the weight loss. I'm struggling this week also. But never give up and it will happen for you!!!