Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's my Friday:)

I booked tomorrow off as Rootbeer and Crush don't have school.  But I could have worked as Coke Zero will be home too, only I'm pretty sure I'm scheduled to work Monday(in Canada it's a holiday...)so I'll be making time and a half....anyways the new schedule will be up today...well it better be.

I signed up the kids for summer programs in July, I have to figure out August now.  My dad agreed to help with paying for more summer programs, so that'll be awesome. 

My weight loss journey is having a detour.  I haven't been tracking this week and I have been eating all over the place.  I need to rein it in.   I need to overcome a lot of stuff...and with life being a journey everything that I have issue with is something I have to work on overcoming.  When I've overcome stuff, then other things will come to my attention to's just how life is.

I have to work on  housekeeping, disciplining my kids, weight loss...those are what I am focused on at the moment.  I've got to go.  It's time for kids to go to school.  Have a great day people:)


  1. We have been looking into things to do for the children for late summer as well. You sound like you are ahead of the game.

  2. Yes, yes... always something to work on, or toward. Have a nice weekend!

  3. thinking ahead to what I can do for work...hope your weekend is great too;)