Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Job Hunting...

Oh God, it looks like I may not get a position at McDonald's as they are not looking for people for school hours....rolls eyes...grrrrrr......initially when hired on flexibility was the main benefit of working there, but it seems it's changed.  I may try a corporate store to get a job, but I am putting it out in the air that I need a job from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday except Thursdays. which would be 9am-1:30pm.  I am in Edmonton, AB, Canada.  Anyone out there looking for a competent person to work with customers, or supervise people...I can do it....I have experience driving a bus, I have experience with customer service, money with tills and the accounting for the daily switchover to the next day at McDonald's.  I have experience as a Bank Teller.  I was in the banking industry for six years.  Anyways, The hours are flexible within the 9-3pm. Preferably I would like to work the maximum but if not, so be it.

If I can't get on right away somewhere I really need to get my house in tip top shape, as my husband will be working 50hours a week if he works Fridays, he's got a union job. He works a 40 hour week, but with commute time he's gone like 13 hours a day.  Actually I still need to get the house in tip top shape either way, it's on me.  I'll get my kids to get in the groove of cleaning and such. 

Well I am going to work on my dishes, then my Dad's legal thing, then probably get the truck towed today to the mechanic's.

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  1. Good luck with your job hunt - it looks as though the economy is beginning to pick up so I'm sure that something will come along soon. I know that it does not help right now, but the food industry is so fluid, there will be openings coming up, I'm sure :o)