Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm an Auntie again:)

My sister has had her son, 7lbs, ?ozs this morning at 7:30.  It was fairly quick, especially compared to her firstborn's birth...She dropped off my niece last night and they went to the hospital, she got an epidural around 2am and had a rest until 7am, then pushed for 20-30 mins and birthed her son...who is not yet named...but her spouse said she'll be staying in the hospital for another day and then she'll go home.  Java's spouse-I'll call him Tim- is going to come pick up Edie soon...and his mom will be coming to stay and help them for a few days.  I'm glad.  A new baby and a three year old will be a handful and an adjustment to get used to.

I am so gassy today...I'm trying to remember what I ate that is making me so gassy but I can't think of it at the moment. 

So I am wanting to get the clutter of my home downstairs to the basement so I can at least have a decent home where I won't be embarrassed to have people in the place.  I have a buffet thing which is a clutter magnet that has a missing drawer that I plan to throw away soon.  I am going to just get some boxes and pack up the clutter-throwing away as I can-and put it downstairs.

So I want to keep on track with my eating today. I only want to eat within my points as I have used up all my weekly points already.  I need to get some activity in too...I'll get there.  I CAN DO IT!


  1. Congrats on your good news Auntie.

  2. Congratulations, Auntie! Quick question... how does a drawer go missing?

  3. Thank you:)

    The drawer got broken so then I threw it away after it never got fixed. Technically it wasn't missing then... :)