Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mom's Birthday

So it's my Mom's 65th birthday. It looks like we'll be going out for supper for her birthday instead of lunch.  My mom lives in an assisted living place because when she had surgery to remove a brain anyurism she had a stroke too.  A fairly devastating one where she can't take care of herself entirely.  She can't speak well because she has aphasia.  Anyways, she has other affects from the stroke.   She is better than when it first happened but she'll probably never be the same.

I am trying to write this while my kids are getting ready for school, but it is distracting.  They keep doing stuff upstairs that sounds like trouble....:)...Well my girl did what I asked her and get dressed but my boy didn't.  So eating breakfast only in pj's is a small setback as he dilly dally's all he can and I get slightly annoyed with his actions.  I'll get him together.

I am going to my sister's house soon after the kids are at school to help her clean up the house and generally get ready for the baby that is coming sooner than expected.  She said that her spouse was coming home last night so that is great news.  He had some paperwork with work to do today, so it was just my sister, my niece and me.

I went and bought like the most fattening treat last night, Black Forest Strudels...I should NEVER buy those things.  I can't stop at one, they are worth 9 WW points and I get to have 27 points a day right now.  Tell me why do we go and get things we know are going to cause us temptation  and usually fall to it?  I've got to start planning meals for the week and sticking to it.  I don't have anymore weekly points so I need to earn more activity points.  It reminds me of the pull between our needs-eating right and our wants-eating junk, or too much or whatever it is at the moment.  Such a learning process.  I would love to ride my bike, but with it being so cold from the snow melting I don't have the heart to do it.  House work and using my big exercise ball it is...


  1. I find that the whole planning ahead is the only way that I can stay OP. It may only be a day or a two at a time - although I always put in my Sunday Roast so I know where I am :o)

    I'm enjoying ready Yvonne's blog about her different recipes and ideas and will be adding some of her ingredients to my shopping list at the weekend :o)

  2. i really enjoyed this.

    i hope your mum had a nice birthday.

  3. I am a new follower! Thank for stopping by my blog ;)!
    Your dessert you picked sounds fabulous...I am dieting right now, temptation is hard! Hope your mom had nice day !!