Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting the Boot

I am getting the boot financially in our household.  I have not managed the money 100% and so my husband wants to do the money.  I am not against this as he hasn't done his very much.  We need to curb our spending and get it under control, I just want respect that he demands in situations.

Anyways, we all, my family, and mom and sister 's family went out for supper last night and it was a nice time.  As on Friday's we don't work and neither does my hubby's mom so we go for breakfast.  It was a good breakfast, our server she's great, attentive.  I brought my mom today too.  I think she finds it hard to understand us and so doesn't join in the conversation too much.  She also doesn't have the bottom teeth in so that affects her speech too.