Thursday, May 13, 2010

Got Dad's stuff Done

So Dad's stuff got finished today.  He's got his Builders' Lien on there for a while now, which should get the owners to take notice.  I hope he get's his money...

Thursdays are early dismissal days for my kids and so picked them up for 2 pm.  I bought a whole bunch of bacon ends and fried them up and portioned them out and threw them in the freezer.  All told I got 12 pounds of uncooked bacon.  It's very tasty too....I got extra for my MIL as she also loves bacon.  It was only .99 a pound.

So Coke Zero and I are having money issues....we need to figure out how the finances will be. There is more to it than I can say at the moment, but we tentatively have it arranged to talk tomorrow about the money setup.

I am taking Rootbeer to an Asthma Clinic tomorrow as he went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago over his having a hard time breathing.  He has it more when he is sick, but since springtime is here, it makes sense he is reacting.

I am going to bed right away.  I hope all who read this is healthy and happy, thanks for catching up with my life.



  1. My son used to be bothered with asthma. Thankfully, he hasn't had any problems in recent years. Granddaughter suffers with it as well. Good luck to Rootbeer!

  2. oh wow do i feel like bacon now.

    my little brother had asthma as a child, but he's grown out of it now :)