Thursday, May 20, 2010

Repeat Dream?

I had a repeat dream last night, it didn't vary from what I remembered.  I find dreams so busy and hard to describe all the details.  I know I dreamt it before in it's entirety.  That is not a common thing for usually has changes.  Who dreams in color?  in a blandness that has slight color?  that one is me...there is little color in my dreams.  It's not black and white.  I don't find myself remembering them like when I was younger, is that common?  I'm not that old, just 36 right now.

Coke Zero has gone out for the first time is a while.  He's hanging out with some co-workers that are leaving to go back to eastern Canada.  I'm glad he's hanging out, it literally has been too long since he's hung out with people.  I do miss his presence but whatever, I'll see him tomorrow, and he'll tell me about his time's great.

I am off to bed.  I should do some dishes...there are very little clean ones but I want to sleep...I can get to them in the morning.  Who does all their dishes before going to bed?  Who is an organized person?  Not me...I am needing to work on my discipline in so many areas of my I mentioned in today's earlier blog post.  exercise, food, money, budgeting, housecleaning, child many things to get better.  How do we do everything?


  1. Wish I had answers for you. Afraid I'm not very organized or disciplined, myself.

  2. Thanks Ms.Anthropy, I look forward to seeing what you post, you are so faithful to writing something:)