Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Man oh man it's friggin hot!

So hot...I must cool down....it's 30C right now....I know it is beautiful weather but, I know...BUT?  Anyways it is thinning out my blood as I am pretty used to having it cold.  I got to work over at the Walmart location of McDonald's right across the street from my work...same owner I guess...there is only a couple of people there and I liked the flow.  I was there only a little while though during the lunch rush.  I was asked to stay later, but because I pick up my kids I can't...The manager who does the scheduling screwed up the day I wanted off, this Friday as my kids are off for a PD day.  Next weeks schedule isn't done yet...that doesn't seem right to me.

Coke Zero woke up sick...couldn't get off the toilet and felt nauseous...so called in.

My sister, I'll call her Java as she loves her Tim Horton's, Java is going to have her baby this week I think...probably this weekend.  That means I won't be able to work if she goes into labor before the end of the week.  That's ok though, I'm here for her.

Well I am too hot to get anymore down here so you have a great night all, thanks for reading... :)


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  1. About 90 degrees here today, with high humidity. I hate to sweat! Thank goodness for AC.