Friday, May 21, 2010

What ideas do you have?

Coke Zero and I will be married for 10 years this August and I want something special.  First thought was of jewelry, then I thought of furniture for the house, then I thought of renovations to the house...then thing is I don't think we can spend a whole lot.  I originally thought of a cruise where all of us as a family could go...we don't have the money for that for sure...we don't want to use credit...we didn't use it well in the beginning of our marriage and racked up a lot of debt and had to file bankruptcy and a proposal which we still have a couple of years on the credit report to deal with.  We have one credit card and we are going to switch it out so it'll be in Coke Zero's name and not mine just to build his credit back up. 

I have not been focused on my weight loss at all.  I am just eating whatever and I am sure I gained.  My work is a busy place so I may have lost something...but I don't know for sure.  Why am I spending money to follow plan when I am not actually doing it?  I have decided to go to the gym so I can exercise.  If I continue to send my kids to the early drop off at the school I could plan on going to the gym and do some riding the bike, maybe some weights...we'll see.  There is a leisure center on my way to work that I just discovered is easier to get to than the one that I thought was closest.  :) 


  1. 10 years is a monumental anniversary, especially nowadays, when everything seems disposable. Congratulations! I went for the jewelry at the 10 year mark. Jewelry lasts forever and my daughter will enjoy inheriting it, when I'm gone. Or, it's got enough diamonds to give to her and the granddaughters.

  2. You have a blog award at my place.

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