Monday, May 3, 2010

Going to get a new Job

So I am a busy woman today...I will be going to another McDonald's location and getting another job. To give some background I have been working at McDonald's and have become a supervisor but was working nights, where I now need to work days. The location I was at couldn't accommodate my availability change so I quit and my last day was Thursday. I really enjoyed my job for some reason. I still wanted to work at McDonald's, but have learned since quitting that I have to be available only certain hours for management. If I take a crew position than my hours of work are more flexible. So I hope to take a team leader position at this other location where it's also close by.

Then I also need to call my insurance company and get them to confirm I have the coverage to tow our truck to the mechanic so then I can get that moolah back. I also have to get my kids ready for school, work on some legal paperwork for my dad, call the mechanic, do housework, eat well, go for a bike ride if the weather stays nice, and I am sure I have forgotten something.

I want my goal for today to eat within my points range of 27, though I think that might be too much, we'll see. I think no chocolate would be a good thing today.I want to plan out my menu for the week too.

I am off to bed again, I can sleep for a hour until I need to get the kids get up.



So I didn't get to the job thing today, I had to deal with the truck and trying to get it in for service...trying to wheel and deal to save some cash.  We have emergency roadside service reimbursement with our insurance agent, but wanted to find out if we could access it to tow the truck to the mechanics.  I think we could arrange for it to get towed...I just thought to start it and move it into the roadway and wait for it to stall and then call a tow would be an emergency then technically....rolls my won't run and we are getting money right away, just don't have much

OT-I measured myself today and I have increased a bit.  

There are so many awesome e-tools on Weight Watchers that I like, the points and food finder, the opportunity to input my weight and measurements and see the graphs.

Weight: 190.2lbs
Hips: 125cm
Thighs: 59.5cm
Waist: 101cm
Bust: 109cm
Arms: 34cm

I was 204lb when I started in January so I am having fat come off, just not doing it too fast as I like my junk....I will have to limit myself more from it...

I should go and see if I am a size 16...I was an 18 before.


  1. Welcome to blogging! size82B here from WW (my blogging name comes up as my own not my WW name) It looks like you are a dragonfly admirer. My daughter-in-law has everything dragonflies. Every summer in a micro climate at the front of our house, we have an amazing dragonfly hatch and the yard is full of them for about 2 weeks.

    Happy blogging, so glad you joined us!

  2. BTW, I just fed your fish........hope you fed mine!

  3. I remember living on our acreage growing up and seeing many dragonflies, even catching them sometimes and marveling at the colours and their wings.

    Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to following along with the blogs I've signed up for...including you:)

    I always try to remember to stop and feed the fish...