Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good intentions

So ya, yesterday I really did plan to go talk to Pat at the restaurant about a job, but I frittered away my time until I had to wait for the afternoon, then had to deal with my hubby's truck issues.  So today after the kids are at school I will go.  I guess I am a bit nervous.  I also need to really work on my Dad's stuff too as I told him I would help and the deadline is coming up.

So my non-scale victory goal is to only eat within my points range.  I am noticing I am lying to myself about some foods I am eating, like they're pointless-literally...weight watchers pointless...but the food I am eating is not point free veggies but some chips, or a small helping of supper.  This is why I am not losing anything.  I seem to be eating enough to maintain the weight I am at right now.  Follow the plan...but to follow the plan I need to make a plan of the food I will be eating.  That is not what I am doing right now.

1 comment:

  1. I struggle with disregarding some food I stuff in my mouth too.

    Hubs told me in one MONTH he has lost 15lbs. That took me ONE YEAR. Ugh. I suck.