Friday, June 25, 2010

Ya it's Friday!

CZ and I are going to Boonstock in Gibbons tonight.  Mathew Good Band, etc will be on and we'll see how it turns out.  CZ got free tickets from a co-worker so that is why we are going.  RootBeer and Crush are finished school next week on Tuesday so I booked off those days too.  I am working two days next week.  It looks like we are going to try to go camping too.  CZ doesn't work the 1st as it's a holiday, so we can go out on Canada Day.  We haven't gone camping in a couple of years so it will be a treat if the weather stays nice.  We got ourselves a two room tent we got from costco from their old stock for like $80 so that was a great deal.  it's still in the box.  We should look into a bbq that we can take on the trip too in case of fire bans.  A fire is awesome while camping though. 

We are going to be kids free tonight, that is sweet!  Java will have Crush and Sudzie will have Rootbeer.  I'm looking forward to it.  Have a great night everyone!



  1. hope you have a great time :)

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