Saturday, June 12, 2010

What's up?

My tracking has been falling to the wayside with everything.  I am tracking my food, my spent money and my blog, and I've been missing these things.  I will be getting these on track but I would like get them a part of my life sooner than later.    I'm taking Rootbeer and Crush to their last clay class for this session and then I will have to look into their summer activities for August and get those arranged.  I only have a two week period where they have to get some more stuff planned so it's pretty good.  I'm contemplating just taking those two weeks off and have them just hang out at home for some fun, but I will talk to Coke Zero and see what he says about the finances...he could be in school for his apprenticeship so that may not work. 

Anyways, I want to get my day started so I shall go.  Have a great day all:)


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