Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

What a gorgeous day today will be.  It's going to be place will heat up and not cool down until tonight, so sleeping will be a challenge but this weather will be great.  I need to remember to keep the kids sun protected, I didn't put sunscreen on Rootbeer and his shoulders are a bit burnt today.  I am sorry for that. 

I have been wanting to get an acreage for the last little while, but since visiting my dad last weekend, a bug has been in my ear about it more.  I would love to get this place we're at all fixed up and sell it for as much as we can get for it.  That would be sweet, and try to get a place within a half hour of the city would be ideal.  I want to get my kids out of this area we live in and get them some space.  To actually get that done will take some planning but I hope we can go for it soon...I don't know though, it just seems like a dream.

I want to go and visit my nephew and my sister, niece and my mom.  They live here in the city but I don't go as I want.  He's going to be a month old soon and I'll have missed the in between.  I want to be more involved with my sister's life and the lives of my niece and nephew.  She called me yesterday and we chatted mostly about weight watchers.  She used it to get her weight down before she got pregnant again.  She is going to follow the program to do it again, and we can encourage each other to live in a healthy way, lose weight on the way. :)

I love the blog.  It's so awesome.  I hope it's beautiful today where you are:)



  1. Thanks for stopping by. My doctors have me on a lot of pills. Multi-vitamins and potassium are just some of them. Stretching only makes them worse. The muscle relaxers do help, and I'm sure once my body adapts to them again, the cramps will dissipate.
    Thanks for the input, I do appreciate it.
    Best wishes, Beaux

  2. Acreage sounds wonderful! Gotta grab it while you can, they aren't making it anymore.