Thursday, June 3, 2010

That was fast:)

I got set up with direct deposit for my pay and it was in my account for my first cheque...SWEET!  I love direct's so convenient.    So I am tracking my food and my spent moolah so I can try and get a hold of theses things.  Our spending has been so all over the place that we should be able to have more in savings or something, but there is almost zip saved...if we had a big emergency we would be screwed.    Coke Zero may be getting laid off in the next few weeks so when that happens he can take his second year schooling and then continue getting hours after.  He will be getting his grant for his first year soon, so that will pay for the schooling...

So yesterday I lost track of time and then Coke Zero got home and I had no supper I was going to get something out for him.  As we switched the vehicles cause I can sometimes get the parking space in front of the house on the street...there was this little girl skipping down the sidewalk by herself.  She looked like she was only 4 or so...not old enough to be by herself in our society at all.  I saw people nearby and asked them if she was hers, but I called the police to see what to do...they asked me to ask her about if she knew where she I had to go ask her...she had gone to the park to play on the playground, but then left going the waqy she came, so I turned my car around and stopped near her to ask her if she knew where she lived.  She Just kinda mumbled and then seemed to hang expecting me to something.  I asked her where her mommy was...anyways she didn't answer loud enough for me to hear anything she said so I called the police again and this time I hung out on the phone with the dispatch officer kinda following this little girl so the police could find her to take her home or something.  I think the girl got a bit freaked out cause she noticed me driving slow and then she took off up a hill into a park...anyways I hung out on the phone for 15 minutes until a cruiser was able to show up, by the time they got there, she had moved away from the street and I couldn't see her...but the officers who came to check this out called me back and told me they had found her and they were going to take her home.  I don't know anything else about what happened but I hope her mom was freaked out her girl took off and that the police brought her home enough to keep watch and somehow keep her at home so she doesn't wander off.With all the awful stuff to go on in this world we need to help as we can...I felt while doing this no good deed goes unpunished but really I wouldn't want anything to happen to any little kid if there is something I can to to help.  So my husband had to wait extra for his food...but if I had just made something at home, I wouldn't have seen the little girl...


  1. Oh, gosh, I would have done the same thing! Unattended children is an accident or tragedy waiting to happen. Good for you! (hope the cops gave the parent a talking to and explained the danger and the need to keep a better eye on her)

  2. Thanks for doing the right thing with the young kid--not everyone wants to bother themselves with such things.