Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's June!

How is it that half the year is almost gone?  Have you accomplished a few of thing s you would like?  I have been wavering about my weight loss journey, I have found myself just eating whatever and I can tell I am gaining.  So I will keep tracking myself and try to eat within my points.  I would love to get into a a size 12 this fall.  I think it may be doable.  I guess I need to keep up myself and just continue to be aware of my intake.  It's a balance.

So I have wanted a vending business for a long time.  I occasionally check on the commercial real estate listings what is for sale and at present some one is selling their vending business...17 machines for 15K.  Doesn't matter though, I have to get my life in order before I can even try selling it to my husband...I really should move on....I usually do eventually.

My family and I are going out to visit my dad this weekend, he is about 2 hours away.  I should go visit my mom too...she had a stroke and not getting out as much as I am sure she wants...I feel guilty about not getting to see her more often.

I haven't seen my new nephew since he was born last week either.  I would like to see how he has grown since last week...

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  1. You haven't seen the baby? The little ones change so much, so fast, you can almost see it happening.