Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Father's Day!

I should call my Dad and wish him a happy father's day.  I will do so after I write.  Coke Zero wants  to sleep for a while longer then wants french toast for breakfast.  Don't know what time though.  I'll make the f.toast in an hour or so.  I do feel a bit jealous though, on Mother's day he treated it like any other day for me.  The kids did their thing, but he didn't do anything.  I feel like doing the same thing, but I won't.

So I found all the accessories for the camera and Coke Zero (CZ) charged up the camera.  Yaaaa!  I can get pictures of life again:)  Maybe I'll get some on here....

The family and I went to an event thru my mother in law's work where we had a carnival type thing go on.  It was real fun.  The kids really enjoyed it.  I went and collected a whole bunch of cans and bottles for the kids for money for them....CZ said he was embarrassed...but he doesn't keep the cans etc from his lunch that we buy so I wanted to.  They were going in the garbage.

I have an idea for the kids, I am going to post a wanted ad for pennies on freecycle, earthcycle, craigslist, buysell and kijiji and see what happens...I mean a lot of people hate pennies, I could see some people responding.  I only want big collections of them I will have to go pick them up and a little won't be worth the drive to get them.  I could see it being successful.

Have a wonderful day!

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