Sunday, September 5, 2010

all or nothing

I 've missed a couple of months on here eh?  Anyways Crush and Rootbeer have gone back to school.  I've been working full time while Coke Zero is not working.  He's an apprentice and he'll be going to school soon since he was laid off.  CZ is taking the kids to school everyday so that is pretty sweet.  When I get home I get the kids to go get their clothes ready for the next day as well as their lunches and soon homework.  It's been working out good so far.

CZ and I have had our tenth anniversary last month and we got a wonderful present from my dad of flooring for our townhouse.  CZ has been working on the floor mostly while I do the clearing out mostly.  I got to paint the new doors for the kids rooms last night so I enjoyed that a lot. They were a bleak yellow and now they are a brilliant white. Wonderful.  Painting is relaxing to me.

I woke up so stiff I took a hot bath right out of bed.  I am not a bath person at all, but that was sooooo helpful.  It just loosened up everything.  Marvelous!   Went to Costco for a few items and discovered my hubby's prescription was $15 cheaper there!  What a difference!  So I transferred everything of his over there. 

I should get off of here and go work on something.  The living room needs to get emptyed so I'll go do that....CZ gives me the impression I can do stuff when it's the carpet needs to come up, but I don't think CZ would like to see me take it up and get it out of the house...but maybe I'm projecting that.  I should just ask him right? 

So my weight loss journey has taken a turn to oblivious street.  I haven't been doing any of the tracking I should do and so I just know that I'm eating too much of the wrong foods and I have gained some back.  I should go and weight myself just to see where I'm at.  Anyways.  Talk to you soon:)

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