Sunday, September 12, 2010

New week of life

I have a slight dread of starting a new work week where I am work loaded only.  I would like to get something more in my life, but am unsure as to what that would be.  I am really only living for my family so that is a good enough thing but I need to get my own stuff going on.Juggling all that I can have in life can be just a few things as I fumble and drop more than what I can handle.  Everyone has the same amount of time each day so to utilize my time to be as effective as possible is key I think. 

We should look into tax saving ideas as we jumped into the middle tax bracket and am not keen on giving more money to the government than necessary.  I need to amend CZ's 2009 taxes to get a bigger refund.  I forgot to include something which would give more back. 

We moved some stuff into Java's garage until the flooring is done in the living room.  Got to visit with my nephew and sister for a little while, that was enjoyable. 

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