Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sept 13/11

Wow, I haven't posted for a year, time sure flies.  I am watching my nephew and niece for a bit of cash.  Mr.Magoo 2, as I call my nephew and Princess, as I will call my niece, are real cute kids.  Mr.Magoo2 has recently started walking so he's a going concern now.  Princess has started Kindergarten in the mornings so I go pick her up for 11ish.   Rootbeer is in grade 3 now and he is liking it so far.  I met his teacher last week and she seems like a new but cool teacher.  I hope she works well for Rootbeer.  Crush is now in grade 5, she has the same teacher as last year so I think that will be good for her as she is having math issues.  She needs to practice her math to she knows the basics really well.  I got her and Rootbeer a math game to help.  I have decided I will be getting them to do their homework after a snack but before supper that seems to give them focus.  I will be getting them to do some math work even if their teachers don't give them any.  

Mr. M2 loves spilling his drink on my floor.  I seem to washing my floor every other day to everyday now.  That's good as it makes the house nicer.  Java is a bit jealous over Mr.m2 wanting me over her, but it's not consistent and he is with me during the majority of his awake day.  

We are going to have our city pass expire right away, it's so awesome, but I guess it's good we don't get it anymore as we are out of the yearly low income tax bracket.  I need to sign the kids up for the last two courses they can have for cheaper courses and then we need to save up for the summer next year.  

I sent the kids kd mac and cheese with cheese in their lunches today.  I hope it was warm and yummy when they got it.  

Well I got to lay Mr.M2 down for a nap, he's crying the sleep cry. :)



  1. HELLO!!! Good to see you! Hope to see you more often.

  2. Sounds like a fun bunch.

    Welcome back as well.