Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 17/11

Got a migraine today....not fun.  It starts off all lights and snowy but ends up having an achy head on the opposite side of the lights and being sensitive to light.  I know I don't have it as bad as when i first got them, but I don't like going through them.  

Coke Zero is having these heart flutters per se going on lately, so this morning he took it easy before we got our table and chairs we got from Java set up.  I didn't realize how big they were as they fit nicely in Java's house but here I had to take the leaf out so it didn't overwhelm the kitchen.  The table is now round instead of oval...that's ok.  CZ has been trying to find out more about these heart flutters or murmur or whatever they may be called.  He needs to wear a monitor for 24 hours but there's been a lot of shit going on that has been hindering him.  The employee in charge of the heart monitors was out sick and seems there is no one to do their work, so had to wait until she came back.  He was then told the Dr has to submit the requisition form not him.

I am planning to make a fall wreath for the door with felt flowers and go from there.

This is how to make them:

This is the picture of how it can look:

I just have to get to michaels to get the wreath, as at Walmart the one I picked out wouldn't ring in and since their anniversary event was going on they were crazy busy.

I went to see about taking my mom to a walk in optometrist appointment and the one I thought would get us in, wouldn't allow us to see the dr even though before we left during the wait period to get a bite at the food court, and they said sure go, we couldn't.   I was wanting to try and get my mom some glasses from the free glasses event from but needed her updated prescription.  So I need to make her an appointment for the coming week so we don't go through this again.  I am not going to go to totalfocas again.

I hope to write again soon. :)


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