Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sept 22/11

Wow I am finding this month, no this year just flying by.  I have my niece and nephew here, just taking a break from everything to be on the computer.  My kids stayed home from school today with colds/coughs.  CZ got home early today too, his job is winding down.  I guess I should be more worried, but this company he works for has been real good to him. He works thru the union. He's off tomorrow as there's not enough work but CZ has an appointment to do the halter monitor.  I am pleased  with that so he can get more help.

I have last nights dishes to do, and more laundry (of course there's more:))  just regular housework.  I made a good ham dinner last night with mashed potatoes, beans and nummy ham gravy, and today I am making a ham soup with the bone for the best flavour.  

I need to get an appointment for my mom for an eye check up.  I want to get her glasses from and need a new prescription for her.  This week with Java and her kids sick and mine too, it hasn't worked out.  We can't see her when we are sick.  

I have gotten into the couponing to save money, I haven't done it as much as I want but I will.  There's quite a few sites available for Canadians.  I wish all the grocery stores would stack, and have double coupon days, like on extreme couponing the show, but we don't.



  1. At my age, time moves as fast as the toilet paper, at the end of the roll.

  2. I hope the kids feel better soon--the blahs are never fun.