Sunday, September 18, 2011


So CZ was very concerned with his heart flutter things and has gone to emergency...I can't be there as the kids are in bed and going to school tomorrow.  I asked him to text me what's going on hourly if possible.  He isn't going to work tomorrow because of the emergency tonight, as who knows what is the next step.  I must say I feel stressed about this.  I feel it's going to be ok, but have a small part that tries to rear it's head up and say" he's not going to be ok....he's gonna get real sick...he's gonna die."  I can't listen to it.  Even writing it down seems to have given it more presence.  

It will be better, once is figured out it can work towards a better outcome.  

I need to find myself a Dr I was for myself.  I feel a few things not right, but all it seems..I feel like I'm very forgetful, I have noticed myself dropping things alot, I've been extra tired lately, though I have been getting good sleep most days, today I woke up a little off, like dizzy.  It's only slightly noticeable.  As Java tells me I need to take care of myself as I have a family I need to care for.  I can't think of anything else right now.

I am going now, but I hope  this comes to you well:)


  1. Hope everything will be okay. I'll say some prayers for you both.