Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oct 19/ 2011

I need to see how I post pictures in my blog...I just copy and paste,. but then the only way I found to write anything was using caption.  I don't think that will work for everything.

There are so many people who use their blogs to make a little money.  I haven't given it much thought as to what one can do to make that work.  Any readers who have money making ads and making any money?  Can you reply and let me know?  I should search it out too, I haven't done that yet.  I love how the internet is able to help one find information.  It is such a valuable tool.

 I was reminded about how I would like to pen-pal to my Canadian soldiers,  I left a message the the main website about it.  I know there are many soldiers who may not have anyone in their lives and I just want to brighten it up a little.  I learned that Canada Post will not charge for mail and parcels to the soldiers out of the country from friends and family which is what reminded me.  I didn't know Canada Post did that.  I feel good they do that.  Good really isn't what I had in mind for a description but it works.

Last night we had tortellini with chicken and garlic bread.  I like to bake it a bit for the yummy melted cheese.  I mix a garlic mixture seasoning and butter in the pasta with the chicken sliced up to make it taste even better.  I LOVE garlic...I know my family tolerates it,. but man,  it's the best seasoning.  Mix it with onions, salt and pepper and those really are my main flavours for my savoury dishes.  Chicken, beef.....just mmmmmmmmm........CZ loves potatoes, mashed with gravy, RB loves fries, C loves mashed potatoes and gravy too.  I don't have a favorite I enjoy tasty food.  Garlicky food.  Well I love cheesy too.   Who doesn't?

I suppose that is why I am so overweight too.  Add on I don't exercise either and that is the reason I lost the gain to my weight loss journey...gained all that I lost...up to 220lb now.  I should get to 160 minimum.  I got to 190....then just stopped trying...60 lbs at least to lose now.  I was 160 when I got married.  Having kids made me feel liberal in eating whatever I wanted, so I did.  I think pregnant I got up to 280?  Scary really.  I haven't been pregnant for 8 years now, and won't ever again so I need to get myself together and get in shape.  Too easy being lazy.   This blog was started to help be accountable and a measurable way to lose weight. My weight doesn't help me in bed my CZ.  His weight doesn't help either.  He's like 250 or 260lbs and not much taller than me.  He was complaining about how vanilla our sex life is.  I think we need to revamp most everything.  There really is no foreplay for me...I use toys to climax....I don't have a problem with toys...I have a problem with how sex seems to be only for CZ...Another discussion though....

I just got my charge for I am gone for now.

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